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Tanoura Dancers in India

Originating from the Egyptian lands, Tanoura has made a name for itself across the globe. It is so powerful in its expression that a single Tanoura Dancer can transport you into a land where only serenity exists. This dance performance is performed on soothing music that puts everyone's restless soul to the utmost tranquillity.

A very popular and demanding entertainment act, Tanoura is one of the highest selling acts at Russian Entertainers. This dance performance celebrates the rich cultural traditions of Egypt while adding a modern touch to create a stunning and unique act. A live Tanoura dance performance usually has a person who is lost in his own world dancing in circles in the praise of the Lord. He represents a person lost in the ever enchanting love for God and is the epitome of a Sufi soul.

Our Tanoura dancers are artists from India and abroad who are passionate with extensive knowledge of both modern and traditional dances. With many years of experience in the dance industry, our Tanoura dancers promise to deliver a stunning and authentic dance show that amazes the audiences worldwide.

Tanoura Dancers also play around with their costumes while dancing with tricks that will make you gasp in amazement. They spin in circles round and round that it can make your heads spinning but they would dance with comfortable ease. These Tanoura Dancers also have LED light costumes that glow in the dark and the whole surrounding looks absolutely surreal. To experience a state of quietude, book a Tanoura Dance performance for your event today with the Russian Entertainers.