Russian Entertainers

Russian Band in Delhi

Entertainment is an industry where one needs to see something new after every couple of months. There is always a need for change and variety. Our Russian Band is a great option to beat the monotony. This band has its roots in Moscow and they pour their culture and music through their performance.

A group of six girls with a vivacious presence on the stage, The Russian Band has an infectious energy that will make you tap your toes and shake a leg on the dance floor. Their repertoire usually has a touch of Siberian and Turkish folklore and will always make you yell once more.

Having performed in different parts of India and abroad, their knowledge of music is unfathomable. These girls play the clarinet, bass trumpet, saxophone, electric guitars and trumpet to give a contemporary twist to deep-rooted cultural influences.

If you want all that Russian Jazz on your event, the Russian Entertainers will line up these artists to perform at your event and create a lively and peppy atmosphere with their gig. Book and block this band today for your big day.