Russian Entertainers

Red Carpet Welcome Girl

If you wish to add grandeur and extravaganza to your event or if you want something fancy to ooze out from every part of your event then we have a great addition for you - the Red Carpet Welcome Girl. Russian Entertainers is blessed with a plethora of options when it comes to entertainment. One of the options being the Red Carpet Welcome Girl who is a feast for the eyes and a very gimmicky concept. She stands at the entrance of a wedding or the function and welcomes the guests with flowers. It could be a young model or a little girl. This girl is dressed in a red gown with a very long red trail that spreads across the floor and stairs and people walk on this same trail. When these guests leave, she hands out gifts to them.

A unique entrance and exit concept, the Red Carpet Girl also attracts the crowd to take pictures with her. Another adaptation of the red carpet girl is the flower girl. A tall girl dressed in all flowery costume from head to toe stands at the entrance and welcomes the guest similar to the red carpet welcome girl.

For people who feel the need to keep their guests happy, a red carpet welcome girl or a flower girl are great choices. We believe in the motto – a happy guest leads to good memories. There are many events such as marriage anniversaries, birthday parties or even corporate gatherings that require a good start and a happy ending to become a hit. If you wish to add such concepts to your event, get in touch with us and we will customise a package as per your budget.