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Martini Girl Act

Why drench yourself in mirth when you can drench a girl in a huge glass of martini? Martini Girl Act is a very eye catchy and a trending concept at a wedding or a big outdoor party. It is both a prop and an entertaining concept.

Martini Girl Act also adds a glamour quotient to your event. These girls turn up the heat and also keep the crowd indulged and occupied by creating a buzz in the event. This concept has a girl who sits in a huge martini glass filled with water that is apparently martini. The glass is placed near the bar where this girl allures the guests with her charms. She either dances in the glass or offers them shots from this large glass.

Apart from a wedding, the martini girls push the sales to a great extent even at the night clubs or at a bar. People get really attracted to be served shots from these girls. Their charms surely help you to generate revenue. They’ll impress your visitors with their skills, not to mention their good looks and attractive outfits. They get any party or event off to a great start and keep the fun flowing, along with the alcohol. From vodka shots and tequila slammers to Jager bombs and whatever else you want in your shot glass; our professional serving girls will deliver your alcohol with a smile and a swing of their hips to keep the party on the track.

To book this act, call us and we will provide you with the most gorgeous and glamorous Martini Girls.