Russian Entertainers

Liquid LED Drummers in Indai

We've heard of electric drummers and flying drummers but Liquid LED Drummers is something which we haven't heard much about or seen enough so far. It is still a very unique concept and continues to leave the guests awestruck when performed. It started in Singapore but its popularity spread as quickly as lightning in India as well.

The Liquid LED drum show is primarily a one-man performance with a talented LED drummer playing on his instrument on very high energy backing tracks. It can also consist of a team of players who coordinate with each other to execute the performance.

LED Drum Show can be made more exciting with the addition of LED water drummers. They play alongside the LED drummer on industrial barrels whilst splashing colourful bursts of water as they hit the skins of the drums. The LED Drummer is a great choice for multiple event types and looks exceptionally good at nightclubs and private parties. The addition of the LED to water drums makes the drum show a great choice for short evening entertainment, corporate events, exhibitions, brand launches and much more. Get in touch with the Russian Entertainers today to get this act performed at your event.