Led Wing Dancers

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Led Wing Dancers

An act that can light up your event and get everyone stunned, the LED Wing Dance performance is an act that will leave all your guests applauding you for such a brilliant choice of entertainment. The act though still not very common, is one of the highest demanding acts for the last one year in the event industry.

Having performed across the length and breadth of the country and abroad, these dancers have not only bagged victory in various talent shows but also won many hearts at weddings and corporate events.

The LED Wire Dance is a group performance where the dancers wear LED wired costumes. The lights are dimmed and turned really low and as they dance, it appears to be the dance of the lights. Their faces are not visible and it seems as if the lights are dancing in the vacuum. A stunning performance, this LED Wire Dancers are exceptionally trained in their art and can bedazzle you with their enigma.

If you wish to have an X factor at your event and want everyone to applaud your chutzpah, the Russian Entertainers highly recommend a dance performance by the LED Wire Dancers. Book this act today and add colours to your event by lighting it up with such a bedazzling act. Be it a wedding or a corporate gathering or even a birthday bash that has to be celebrated with huge pomp and show, the LED wire dance performance will definitely make your event a huge success.