Russian Entertainers

International Symphony Band in Delhi

A feast for the eyes, the International Symphony Band is another very popular and highly preferred act. A spectacular option, this band adds extreme grace and elegance to your event by elevating the spirits of everyone at the show. No matter what a person is indulged in at the event, the moment this band enters the stage, everyone stays frozen to their ground with their eyes fixated on these performers.

Usually a group of eight to twelve Russian girls, this band has been a globe trotter and has bedazzled many spectators around the world. Their journey has been truly magnificent and mesmerising. When these girls play their instruments, the spectators are transported to a world where only serenity exists.

A live music ensemble, the International Symphony Band has its roots from the Orchestra’s founder. This band has singers and musicians who can play the melodies in various languages and create a magical web of serenading tunes. From Russian to English, Latin and Hindi, their compositions are usually the folklore and the classics from the ’70s and ’80s. Their fingers are also deft at playing the latest tracks from Hollywood to Bollywood. They have a very strong presence that casts a spell on the audience.

The International Symphony Band has a variety of instruments. Harp, flute, violin, piano to name a few. This act is highly recommended for classy events and for audiences who have a taste for such soft and soothing music. The coordination between the band is commendable.

The Russian Entertainers leaves no stone unturned in keeping their audience bewitched and entranced. We make sure that your event is eventful and you never leave it disappointed. For a big fat Indian wedding where the simplicity is demanded, this is a great option to create a soothing and pleasant atmosphere. One can also opt for this act for a launch event or any big ceremony. The girls are usually dressed in pure white lacey gowns for their performance. Still thinking to book this gig for your next event or already decided on it??? You know the Russian Entertainers is just a call away, right?