Flying Violinist

Russian Entertainers

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The Russian Entertainers always ensures to offer you services and ideas that are extremely unique and eye catchy. We don't like to boast, but word has it that our ideas are always new and very eccentric.

One of our popular offerings is the Flying Violinist Players. Usually a group of three violin players, these girls are not only skilled at their instrument but also perform acrobats while playing their fingers on the violin. Their performance is bound to make their audience's heart skip its beat and give them jaw drops. Flying violin players are not just performers, they are entertainers that will give you goose bumps. This act has taken the event industry by a storm. Once the spotlight is on them, they are the cynosure of the event.

The flying violinist players is a unique concept where the girls perform while they are upside down. So far, they have performed in Dubai, Thailand, India, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Abi Dhabi.

Russian Entertainers are one of the few artist management companies that can bring such limelight to your event. We are associated with the finest acrobat and violin players on a contractual basis. Get in touch with us and we will leave no stone unturned in making your events a great success with these flying stars.