Flying LED Drummers India

Flying LED Drummers India

Flying LED Drummers in India

An entirely new experience, the flying LED Drummers' popularity has taken the market by a storm. Having won many hearts over the world with their impeccable talent, the LED Drummers have carved a niche for themselves in the Indian Event Industry.

The LED drummers act comprises a stylish group of girls with a wide collection of attractive costumes with talent that has reached soaring heights. Having performed at weddings and events across the globe, this London based band is one of the bestselling acts in the events industry.

The LED lights of the drum kit are interchangeable as well as customisable and they add a visual dynamic you don’t see with regular function bands. The LED drummer uses state of the art technology to sample any sound and transpose that to the drums. This allows the LED Drummers to perform unlike any other with a live sound that is as close to the original as possible.

With a range of different shows available, these drummers certainly know how to shake up an event and create a memorable performance. Combining traditional drumming with modern show elements and visual effects, these innovative percussionists excite audiences of all ages with their bright colours, American snare drums and surprising light effects.

The live party band with LED drummer plays all the world’s greatest hits, including some very impressive medleys. They cater for all tastes and will always tailor their set list to client requirements. Contact Russian Entertainers to watch them perform live at your event.