Russian Entertainers

Flute Mermaid

A magnificent sight to behold and the cynosure at any event, the Flute Mermaid is the show stopper. A very talented and versatile artist, dressed as a mermaid with the beauty of the Aphrodite herself, sits in a huge oyster like the shell and plays some lyrical and mellifluous tones on her flute.

A combination of breath-taking beauty and talent, this act is highly preferred to be performed at big fat Indian weddings or lavish events. They not only add extravagance to the event but also make a great photography prop. Surrounded with small shells and big pearls around her, the flute mermaid makes sure to have all eyes on her.

This act begins with the elegant artist emerging from her shell much to the awe of all the spectators around. She will then play some placid tunes much to everyone’s delight. Being an expert, these flute mermaids might even take special song requests from the gathering. It is a breather from the hustle and bustle created by the DJ.

If you wish to add grandeur to your event, this is a must option for your occasion. The Russian Entertainers has collaboration with gorgeous flute mermaids who will make your heart skip its beat with their mesmerising performance.