Russian Entertainers

Fire Dancers in India

Do you wish to ignite sparks at your event literally? The Russian Entertainers will make this possible for you with their implausible chicanery by presenting a live Fire Dance performance at your event.

People travel to different parts of the world to see the fire dance act. By the end of it, they are smitten over with awe and surprise. We make sure that we bring the same expressions on your guests' face without having to travel anywhere.

Our Fire Dancers are trained under supervision by experts to perform at your event. Having performed in different parts of the country and the world, they have been acknowledged all over the world for their talent. They add sparks to your event and ignite the flames to draw all the attention towards them by keeping the safety of the venue and everyone attending the event in mind.

These pioneering fire props bring a new element of fire entertainment to your event with a display that your guests wouldn't have seen before. Your guests will surely be stunned as they deliver high impact routines using fire props such as poi, chain staff, dragon staff, katana as well as incredible fire manipulation.

To make your event a huge success by getting these fire dancers to perform at your event, get in touch with us and we shall make sure to light up your event with such a powerful performance.