Champagne Chandelier

Russian Entertainers

Champagne Chandelier For Party

A sight to behold for it is truly a marvel to watch something so fascinating. The Champagne Chandelier is a concept that can spin everybody's heads right round. A metal chandelier with wine and champagne bottles along with a girl hanging onto it upside down and serving alcohol to people is a very quirky concept.

The popularity of our Chandelier Act has spread as rapid as fire. It keeps the crowd at bay. One or two, the choice is yours but this is a concept that keeps the crowd really enthused with alcohol flowing endlessly. The Champagne Chandelier has a beautiful girl in leather attire that ensnares you with her charms and keeps filling your glass with alcohol.

A highly demanded act at big outdoor weddings, silver jubilees and night clubs, the Champagne Chandelier is just a call away. The Russian Entertainers have a line of these artists that will be at your service.