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Russian Entertainers

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Russian Entertainers is a part of The Frontier Events. We have more than a decade of experience in the field of event management. Our service is reliable and extraordinary. We believe in working as a team. Our artists never feel left out, and are enabled to realise their worth. Located in Delhi, we have held events in all parts of the country, including Mumbai, Goa, Jaipur, Bangalore among others. Our artists have even performed in Bali, Indonesia, Singapore, Kuala Lumper.

We accommodate artists of all types- singers (folk, classical, western etc.), dancers, comedians, show artists, Russian Band, Belly Dancers, group dancers, act performers among others. Our services are tailored and extremely professional. We employ a dedicated approach towards our clients. We are rapidly growing and becoming an all-inclusive, top of the line company with a history of working with both Indian artists and international artists. Our team is always available 24/7. We have been involved in fulfilling the demands of clients with aid of well planned and executed services. Our clientele is huge and encompasses all kinds of performers.

Our artists know their worth. They understand that premium quality is a requisite to good work. Other than providing events to perform at, we also provide a host of other services. We aim at providing artists, Celebrity Management and coordination Services across the globe for shows according to client’s desire and budget and execute in best possible manner. Top notch services are guaranteed along with a great feedback mechanism. In other words, you will never be disappointed with what you get for your money!

We are the path you need to ensure future success. We can help you achieve your dreams. It is very difficult to get good clients on your own. It is very difficult to meet all the representatives of various departments and arrange everything on your own. This is where we come to your rescue. We take care of everything in a very professional way and charge reasonable rates for the same.

We have a good line up of Artists and Celebrities who have joined hands with us and who truly support us with their best Enthusiasm. Having handled talented and versatile artists for years, we know a great talent when we see one! Come be a part of this journey as we overcome all barriers to eventual success.